Return of Creationism Creation Science Websters The struggle by some religiously-minded people to deny evolution continues to cause annoyance to scientists around the world.
God Creation Science Websters A definition of the concept.
Spontaneous Generation Evolution Websters The  belief that organisms are spontaneously generated as opposed to being evolved.
Acquired Characteristics Evolution Websters The notion that parameters acquired in life are passed on genetically.
Atheism Evolution The Metro Articles and writing on the subject of Atheism.
Intelligent Design Evolution TIME Article about Intelligent Design,creationist's attempt to undermine science.
A very frosty reception Myths James Ellis Everyone is just about to pack up and go home for Christmas but there are still some aspects of the holidays that leave people cold.
US & THEM Racism Mark Buchanan We know ethnic prejudice is wrong, so how come it's still rife?
More Dangerous than Nonsense Religion Lawrence Krauss In trying to provide evidence for Christian beliefs, a respectable physicist has bent science to its breaking point.
Aliens and departed spirits,head this way Religion Caroline McClatchey L Ron Hubbard counts Hollywood stars among the followers of Scientology.
It depends what you mean by God Religion Amanda Gefter John Cornwell writes a response to Richard Dawkins.
A Little Respect Sociology Polly Toynbee Why would anyone want to be a teacher, policeman or politician when today's society thrives on tearing them from their pedestals of power?
The Hard Man of Science Religion David Cohen Breast cancer expert Professor Michael Baum has no time for massage,Reiki or homeopathy. In his view proven drugs are the only way forward - and he's prepared to argue the point with Prince Charles.
Searching for God in the Brain Religion David Biello Researchers are unearthing the roots of religious feeling in the neural commotion that accompanies the spiritual epiphanies of nuns, Buddhists and other people of faith
Moths of War Evolution Jaap de Roode Once the supreme example of evolution in action, the peppered moth has been hijacked by creationists.It's time to take it back.
The Wrong Planet Philosophy The Metro Ever feel like you were dropped onto the wrong planet? Perhaps this is why.....
The Right Planet Philosophy The Metro Perhaps this is the planet you'd rather live on....
Priest slams gay adoption Religion The Advertiser Catholic priest says God's family is best.
Church says no to bunny money Religion The Metro Priest refuses to accept profits from bunny girl entertainment.
Geert Wilders kept out of Britain Religion The Metro Dutch MP Geert Wilders heralded as Anti-Islamic is denied free speech.
My race-hate ordeal at hammer-attack school Religion The Metro Henry Webster is left brain damaged after attack by 'Asian Invasion'.
Griffin:I was racially abused Religion The Metro Nick Griffin brings Asian to court for racial abuse.
Irish church covered up priest abuse Religion Ross McDonagh A conspiracy to cover up child abuse comes to light.
Vampire movie is deviant,says vatican Religion Ross McGuinness New Moon is condemned by Catholics.
Christian hotel couple cleared of muslim rant Religion Joel Taylor Couple are cleared of berating a muslim.
Thou shalt shoplift Religion Ross McGuinness Cleric advises breaking the commandments.
Brown tells extremists to halt demo Religion John Higginson Islam 4UK descends upon Wooton Basset against PM's wishes.
Alien visitor made me run in Phear UFOlogy Joe Steele Man sees UFO in park.
Aliens won't eat me UFOlogy Miles Erwin Aliens will eat fat people first!
My teacher is an alien UFOlogy Miles Erwin 1 in 3 children believe their teacher to be an alien.
UFOs worth studying say scientists UFOlogy Miles Erwin Lemon head aliens 'tried to abduct us'.
Sorry,I can't baptise your're not Catholic Religion Joe Steele Catholics deny young boy baptism because he is not Catholic.
Violence at anti-mosque protest Religion Yahoo Violent clashes broke out on Saturday between riot police and right-wing protesters .
Burn a Koran minister to defy global outrage Religion Hayden Smith Pastor Terry Jones causes a furore by suggesting the Koran should be burnt on the anniversary 9/11 .
Anger and apathy greet pope's 'important' visit Religion John Higginson Pontiff causes problems in UK with visit that leaves cardinal at home.
Red sea parting maybe true Religion Aiden Radnedge Computer model shows how waves may have parted.
Hostility between science and religion is damaging to both Religion The Guardian Lord Sacks criticizes Stephen Hawking and gets lambasted.
Woman smiled - then plunged knife into MP Religion Aiden Radnedge Stephen Timms gets shown the peaceful ways of Islam.
Is this really God's work? Religion Metro Letters and articles querying the religious motives of luminaries.
Seeking the truth about spooks Paranormal Metro Article and stories on ghost hunting.
Our B&B is a ghost house Paranormal Metro Article and stories on ghost hunting.
Intolerance is rife in Britain Religion Metro Baroness Warsi speaks out on intolerance.
Muslims burn poppys in protest Religion Metro Muslim intolerance rears its head once again.
The power of 10 percent Religion Metro Maths shows how minority views shape belief.
The end is nigh Religion Metro How Harold Camping joined the ranks of religious fruitcakes predicting the end of the world.
Stand up for faith, says peer Warsi Religion Metro Baroness Warsi thinks faith should be protected from encroaching secularism.
Does Britain have faith? Religion Metro Statistics show most people in UK have no religion.
Whitney 'wanted to see Jesus' days before death Religion Metro Singer Whitney Houston kills herself so that she can meet Jesus.
Suicide Bomber/Underwear Bomber/Stock Exchange Bomber Religion Metro Various muslim bomber stories show just how 'peaceful' and 'tolerant' Islam is.
Why we can't deport Abu Qatada Religion Metro Human rights law obfuscates ejecting terrorist.
Girl murdered for being 'too British' Religion Metro The Ahmed family show distinctly my muslims should not be in Britain.
Malala arrives in UK for specialist care Religion Metro Girl treated in UK after Taliban shoot her for wanting education.
Four get life for murdering 'possessed' pregnant wife Religion Tariq Tahir Husband and three family members 'believed 21-yr-old victim had evil spirit'.
Ambassador murdered in revenge for prophet film Religion Metro US Ambassador is killed by 'too sensitive' Islamics.
Laughing gang rapists are 'no risk to women' Religion Metro Judge lets off muslim rapists.
War of the whirls UFOlogy Ross McGuinness Another crop circle appears in the UK.
Pussy Riot Religion Metro Letters on Rock group Pussy Riot's conflict with Putin.
Was Jesus married to Mary? Religion Metro Rare 4th century script makes the explosive suggestion that the Son of God had a wife.
George banned from Scouts for being an atheist Religion Metro George banned from Scouts because he refuses to be brainwashed with dogma.
Church blocks women from being bishops Religion Metro Church synod continues sexism.





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