Life is Fractal Scaling Websters To many scientists, the meaning of life is more important than the physics of life.
Fourth Dimension Scaling Websters Scientists have known since the time of Galileo Galilei that the giants of mythology were impossible.
Moths of War Evolution Jaap de Roode Once the supreme example of evolution in action, the peppered moth has been hijacked by creationists.It's time to take it back.
Is there are bit of Neanderthal inside you? Anthropology Ben Gilliland DNA shows when we diverged from Neanderthals.
Gaia Hypothesis Ecology The Independent James Lovelock says it is too late to save the Earth.
Evidence of an increasing greenhouse effect Ecology Websters The evidence that global warming is due to Greenhouse gas.
'New life' created from dead embryo stem cells Biology Aidan Radnedge Scientists have extracted live cells from dead embryos.
Children of older men face higher autism risk Behaviour Sarah Getty A link is found between age of father and propensity to produce autistic offspring.
Epilepsy kills girl,12 Behaviour Stephen Hull Watching TV kills young girl.
Doctors call for baby euthanasia Ethics Jo Steele 'ACTIVE euthanasia' should be allowed to kill seriously disabled new-born babies.
Conception to birth: TV gives us the inside story Biology Lewis Smith Using ultrasound, a battery of cameras and computer graphics, imaging experts have created unprecedented television pictures of animals still in the womb.
Genetic jot that makes us unique Genetics Mark Henderson The genetic differences between individual human beings are much greater than was previously thought.
Vivisection Ethics Lee Borrell Information on how to end animal suffering.
T.rex's squidgy secret Palaeontology Ben Gilliland Evidence for how the dinosaurs died and mammals took over.
Kinky secrets of the deep Oceanography Ben Gilliland Many marine creatures live in an environment where mates can be hard to find and predators hard to avoid so they have had to develop some bizarre strategies to get some action and avoid getting eaten at the same time.
We may be ugly but we need love Conservation Jo Steele Help is on hand for some of the world's most threateened species.
Scientists finally crack chicken and egg riddle Biology Metro 'Chicken comes first', say scientists.
Why all groupies love rock animals Evolution Metro Research shows evolutionary reasons for groupies who follow rock bands.
Did the moon give life a kick up the bum? Evolution Ben Gilliland The moon may have been instrumental in starting life.





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