Chaos as Gatwick fails to put the clocks back


CHAOS reigned at Gatwick yesterday morning when the airport's clocks failed to go back an hour. The technical hitch meant flights were listed an hour late at Britain's second-busiest airport - leaving staff overwhelmed by confused holiday- makers. Arrival and departure times in both terminals were affected and engineers worked from 6am to try to fix the problem. The flight times were also listed incorrectly on Teletext, Ceefax and the Gatwick website. Engineers were still working on the fault yesterday evening but were confident it would be remedied. A handful of flights are understood to have been delayed and one passenger is believed to have missed a BAA spokesman Stuart McDonald said the system was supposed to update automatically when the switch to GMT took place at 2am but failed to do so. And it wasn't just Gatwick's systems suffering the winter blues yesterday - modern technology has finally got the better of tired and hungover Britons. Hundreds of us failed to twig that our mobiles had automatically reset themselves to account for the end of Daylight Saving Time - and generated a little Gatwick-style chaos for ourselves by setting them back for a second hour. Mobile phone expert and former BT engineer Mark Bridge said: 'You can't help feeling a bit stupid when you've put your clock back an hour and then realise the phone has done the same. Many people won't realise how smart the technology is. 'The software enabling the movement of clocks backwards or forwards an hour twice a year is quite straightforward. 'Most phones now will even change your clock automatically depending what country you're in.' Jorgen Behrens, of mobile phone software giant Symbian, added: 'People store a lot of information on their phones, such as pictures, all of which is time-stamped.' [METRO]

A recent article in MATURE TIMES featured a man who had saved 1/3 of his heating bills by NOT moving his clocks around to match BST. He was getting up as normal and it was already warm outside,and so he did nto switch on his heating. So you can save energy by not messing around with your clock.

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My Comment: Given that our technology is capable of altering the clocks back or forward an hour and even more chaos is being caused by people still trying to adjust their clocks when the technology has already done it for them - surely it is about time we dispensed with the ridiculous time-wasting exercise of putting the clocks forward and back to adjust for BST?

To all those people who think they will "lose an hour of daylight" - stop being so stupid -get up an hour later or earlier accordingly and leave the bl**dy clocks alone - I am sick and tired of having to adjust numerous timers because silly idiots cannot just get up an hour earlier or later and alter their ALARMS rather than the clocks themselves- that is what any sane person would do! Oh,Mr Porter - Watch from 38secs in and then tell me moving the clocks makes sense.





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