Sarah,I have compassion for the human race - there is no point bringing a child into a world with no fuel,no means of food production and way too many people.It would make little difference what you can 'afford' or how 'good' you are. The selfishness of people who want to have kids thinking of their own emotional trauma is the view that lacks compassion. Using emotions to determine what is right is just exactly why your view is eminently impractical and nonsensical and why indeed you are an emotional knee-jerker'.Indeed Sarah,it is people like you with their selfish 'entitlement' views and wallowing in self-pity that has caused this planet to be over-populated.Perhaps you should read Isaac Asimov on the subject before opening your whining mouth.Once you have read his point of view - your lamentable emotional selfishness will be shown up in all it's glory.





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