Hunts have to operate within laws of the land

Councillor John Taylor

WITH regard to Councillor John Taylor's recent letter which said 'the sight of people out fox- hunting on Boxing Day was 'revolting'. This is obviously the opinion of someone who is attempting to make a political statement without being in full command of the facts. Fox hunting was and still is banned in this country since the Hunting with Dogs Act came into force on the 18 February 2005. Hunts throughout the country are now operating within the laws of this land. I suggest that Councillor Taylor spends some time with the hunts before making the assumption that all those who take part are toffs. He may well be surprised to find that people from all walks of life including NHS staff, builders and local government officers are amongst those who enjoy being out with other like-minded people, who enjoy riding across land with full consent of the landowner. The hunts also create employment opportunities within the rural communities where employment would otherwise be scarce.
Cheetham Fold Road Gee Cross, Hyde

Class wars should have disappeared

ONCE again a Labour councillor lets his petty; prehistoric prejudice show by referring to those who enjoy hunting with dogs as 'toffs.' I thought this kind of class war disappeared with Harold Wilson. The hunting ban was forced through by the Labour class warriors in parliament who still imagine they are fighting battles that ended long ago. The next thing to be declared illegal will be game shooting followed by fishing!
Cheetham Hill Road Dukinfleld

Hunting is enjoyed by all walks of life

HUNT:Dogs used in drag hunts

COUNCILLOR John Taylor's letter in last week's Advertiser (Hunters flout the law) was based on utter speculation. He stated that on Boxing Day drag hunts 'flouted the law' and went after and killed foxes. How on earth Councillor Taylor knew what over 300 drag hunts did on Boxing Day is beyond me. In the four years since the hunting ban has been in place there has only been one conviction and that was later quashed. I think it is worth noting that the hunting act, and laws like it, is in danger of undermining the respect people have for the rule of law. I would rather the police concentrate resources on dealing with real crime like burglary and street muggings than monitoring a few people jumping fences on Saturday mornings. If there was sufficient evidence for hunters breaking the law then Councillor Taylor may have a point. The fact is there is no evidence. Councillor Taylor also incorrectly declares that the Conservatives will repeal the hunting act. That is not strictly true: the Tories will give Parliamentary time for a free vote on the issue. Scrapping the act is not party policy. Contrary to popular illusion, drag hunters are not all upper class aristocrats. Hunting is enjoyed by people from all walks of life. The sooner Councillor Taylor actually gets out and meets hunters the sooner he will realise that.
Aged 15 Gray Close Mottram

[Advertiser Jan17,2008]

I support rehabilitation

J Clarkson suggested my recent letter had said my solution to drug addiction was to lock them up and throw away the key (Readers Letters 17 January).
Not so.That was my solution for the scumbags who attack elderly people,who then try to excuse it all by claiming they needed the money for drugs.
For many years,I have supported drug rehabilitation units and still do for those who want to quit the habit. At the same time I can also concentrate on closing pathways which cause problems.
In another letter someone from the fox hunting fraternity wants me to go and meet them. I will.
I will be mounted on a horse with 30 bloodthirsty foxes with me to chase you across the countryside until you are exhausted
.Then we will have a chat. Then you will know how the fox feels when you do it.
Councillor John Taylor

Dear Ed

What on earth is Peter W Gladwin blathering about? Fox hunting creates jobs? I suppose he is going to tell us that hoodies touting guns and sitting on police cars "create jobs" for the police. It is a pitiful defence of breaking the law -but I know what the police will say "It is not a priority situation" - that's what they always tell me.

When is the law actually going to be upheld in this country? To Alex Warner - Jesus is not going to help us - we must help ourselves - and as it happens -other creatures. Mr Gladwin and Thomas Hatton should be behind bars,being the murderers that they are. [The Advertiser Jan24,2008]

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It is more than ironic that horses, carrying riders, are made to run through fire to commemorate the patron saint of animals in Spain (Metro, Fri, pictured). This is nothing but cruel and should be banned. I am sure the patron saint would not want horses to run through fire in his name.
Wendy Keelan, London SW16

With regard to Wendy Keelan's letter complaining about animal 'cruelty' by the Spanish during their celebrations (Metro, Mon), maybe the Spanish should become politically correct like us and ban all their centuries old fiestas and traditions. Then Spain, too, could become a bland country without an identity - just like Britain. Viva España!
B Jamieson, London SF13

[Metro Jan21-22,2008]

The World is watching you Canada

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Ask the PM …from the PM e-Petitions Petition Responses Tuesday 24 February 2009

Protectdemocracy - epetition response

We received a petition asking:

“We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to continue to support the Hunting Act 2004.”

Details of Petition:

“In 2005 Parliament took a brave decision to abolish aspects of an activity that the vast majority of the public in the country wanted banned. Fox Hunting, Stag Hunting, Hare Hunting & Hare Coursing was all banned by the will of a free democratic society. We now urge the Prime-minister and Government to continue its full support of the Hunting Act 2004 and ensure that its use is upheld. We also seek that the laws contained are clear for all to follow so there can be no doubts to the legal standing of the law.”

Read the Government’s response

The Government continues to support the Hunting Act 2005, which outlaws an activity that many people in the country opposed strongly. The Government believes that the Act is clear and understandable, and that there is no reason why anyone should have any doubts as to its meaning or legal standing. The Government is satisfied that the Act is working. It prevents the use of dogs for chasing and killing wild mammals, but does not prevent hunts from meeting and riding within the law.

The Government remains fully committed to ensuring that the Hunting Act is consistently and properly enforced. So far, we are aware of 29 convictions under the Hunting Act 2004 which, in itself, shows that the legislation is enforceable when the evidence presents itself. There are no plans to amend the Hunting legislation further.

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