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'Alien' and 'floating orb' captured on film in the Amazon rainforest

A picture which purportedly shows an alien lurking in the Amazon is being put forward as evidence that there is supernatural activity on earth.

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The image, which shows an unidentified being standing with its back arched a few feet from a what looks like a floating orb of light behind a group of children, was apparently taken from video footage captured by two British tourists visiting the Mamaus region of the Brazilian rainforest.

The video was obtained by noted paranormal writer Mike Cohen, who says the area is known for its 'intense UFO activity'.

He said: 'This is highly compelling footage that will be hard to discredit.

'It comes from an area known for experiencing intense UFO activity. It is rather apparent that aliens are interested in this region due to its biological diversity.

'The area was also the focus of a high-level Brazilian government investigation known as Operation Prato, where the army was sent in to monitor and confirm an alien presence in the region.'

The footage has since been snapped up by a Hollywood producer to use in a film, according to Mr Cohen.

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