Letter to the Home Office

Please could someone at the Home Office explain why Geert Wilders has been kept out of this country? The UK has been subject to Abu Hamza and the US has had 9/11 - there have been various threats made to the security of this country by Islamic extremists. Many people in this country are sick of decisions being made by politicians which do not reflect what the public feel. Whatever Mr Wilders is - he is a European - and since the government seems hell bent on giving jobs to Europeans at the expense of Britons - the least we could do is extend Mr Wilders the same right that Abu Hamza had - I for one would prefer to hear Mr Wilders - a Dutchman - known for their rationality and reasoned approach to ethics rather than a Muslim - known for their intolerance and irrrationality and terrorism towards anything that is not Muslim. It is about time that the UK got tough on Islam before it takes over this world like the Nazi's attempted to do. We are being too politically correct and action should be taken to stamp out this noxious virus from amongst us before it is too late.

Mr Wilders represented a potential start in the right direction,but of course we can count on the government departments to lead us up the garden path as usual.  

Metro 18/2/09

Metro 9/4/09

Letter to the Metro

Considering the stories of the Halal Pizza and the decision not to allow Geert Wilders into the country. I do not see why Mr Wilders - a European - is not given his right to free speech- when Abu Hamza has been preaching intolerance in this country. The fact that both Domino's and headteacher Julia Robinson have been pressurised by this intolerant religion suggests that actually Mr Wilders may have given many of us Brits the voice which we are looking for - that is the one which says "We are not happy with Islam telling us what to do". It seems it is now a sin to be British in Britain.

Metro 16/2/09

I would like to explain to Mrs Cain what she did wrong by praying about the incident involving her daughter who told a fellow pupil she would "go to hell". She is making the same mistake that nurse Caroline Petrie did in praying for a client - presuming that her beliefs have any meaning outside of her own head. Whilst she may wish to live in a deluded fairy-tale land,the rest of us use evidence to determine what is true,and pushing your beliefs on other people,or worse using them to frighten people in to believing your delusion is why it is that such notions should go the way of the flat earth or pre heliocentric ideas.

Praying Parents Who Let Girl Die Are Jailed

10 hours 44 mins ago

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Buzz Up! Print StoryA couple who watched their daughter die as they prayed for her to get better - instead of getting medical help - have been jailed. .Madeline Neumann, 11, died on the floor while her parents Dale, 47, and Leilani, 41, surrounded her with members of a prayer group.

The little girl had become so weak she could no longer eat, speak, drink or walk.The parents, from Wisconsin, America, were each sentenced to six months in jail after being convicted of second-degree reckless homicide.

They could have been given up to 25 years in prison for the March 2008 death of Madeline, who died of an undiagnosed but treatable form of diabetes.

Marathon County Circuit Court Judge Vincent Howard, sentencing, said the Neumanns were "very good people raising their family, who made a bad decision, a reckless decision".

"God probably works through other people, some of them doctors," the judge told the couple.Prosecutors argued the Neumanns recklessly killed the youngest of their four children by ignoring obvious symptoms of severe illness.They said the couple had a legal duty to take their daughter to a doctor, but relied totally on prayer for healing.The girl, known as Kara, passed away at the family's rural Weston home. One of the prayer group called 911 after she stopped breathing.

"We are here today because, to some, you made Kara a martyr to your faith," the judge told the parents.In videotaped interviews with police, the couple said they believed healing came from God and that they never expected their daughter to die.

Leilani Neumann said: "I do not regret trusting truly in the Lord for my daughter's health. Did we know she had a fatal illness? No. Did we act to the best of our knowledge? Yes."The judge ordered the couple to serve one month in jail each year for six years, so they can "think about Kara and what God wants you to learn from this".

Muslim scholars rejecting Darwin's theory of evolution as 'unproven'

Muslim scholars around the world are increasingly rejecting Darwin's theory of evolution as an "unproven".

Published: 8:39AM GMT 17 Nov 2009

Muslim students and academics also said they felt they were being asked to make a "binary choice" between Darwinism and creationism, rather than both having a place.

The claim was made by Nidhal Guessoum, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, at a conference organised by the British Council to celebrate the bicentenary of Darwin’s birth.

He told his audience that in countries such as Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan and Malaysia, only 15 per cent of people surveyed believed Darwin’s theory was “true” or “probably true”.

A poll he conducted at his own university showed that 62 per cent of Muslim professors and students believed evolution to be an “unproven theory”, compared with 10 per cent of non-Muslim professors.

“The rate of acceptance of evolution and of the idea of teaching evolution was extremely low,” he said. “I wondered, who are all these educated people rejecting evolution? They are even rejecting the fact that it should be taught as scientific knowledge.”

Dr Guessoum, a Sunni Muslim, said that contrary to some beliefs, evolution does not contradict Islam, unless the texts were read too literally. “Many Muslim scholars, from the golden age of Islam to today, adopted an evolutionary world view,” he said.

But he said some Muslims were finding creationist theses on the web and taking their ideas to heart, even though the theses were on the fringes of scientific debate and had little credibility in the West.

“It is a serious problem,” he said. “It would be like going to my students and telling them the planets are not related to the stars, there is no relationship between them and gravitational pull or radiation, and they were all created on one day. We would not dream of describing the cosmos in such a ridiculous manner ... We cannot allow people to go into the 21st century with no understanding of science.”

There is also debate about the teaching of Darwinism and creationism in the UK. In a poll conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the British Council, 54 per cent of respondents wanted Christian-backed explanations of the origins of life to have space on the curriculum alongside Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.

Less than a quarter (21 per cent) believed that schools should teach only evolution – a lower proportion than in India and Roman Catholic countries such as Spain. At present, Government guidance states creationism should only be taught in religious education lessons.


Dear Ed,

I am "pleased to see" that your correspondent Adam is guilty of making the eternal mistake of at once chiding racists,and then proving he is one,by using the term "white" as opposed to "black". None of us are either white or black,it is this crass venn diagram that Adam ostensibly is criticising the BNP for,and yet by saying he is "white" Adam presumes that there are "black" people. Please tell that to people of mixed parentage, which we all are to some degree.





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