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I honestly cannot understand why people on this page have a problem understanding that MY ORGANS belong to me by default. If someone said they could do with your CAR as they pleased you would have no problem saying "You cannot - it belongs to me, and the law protects my right to own my property" - how much moreseo then do I own my own organs that I was born with?

This is an inalienable RIGHT that the government are trying to overturn -who do they think they are?

If they tried to say "Your personal property is the government's until you opt out" - you'd be livid. What kind of idiots cannot understand that?

This is a basic liberty that is being undermined - are people so stupid and so emotionally bent out of shape that they think "letting people die is a criminal offence"? What about the thousands of creatures they kill to eat the meat of - is that not criminal? Clearly these people have not thought it through. Or are animals our lessers - think so?

People die all the time - that is their NATURAL state of affairs - it is only mankind and his ability to manipulate nature that has made it so we can even donate organs - THIS IS NOT THE NATURAL STATE OF AFFAIRS - the default is - MY ORGANS ARE MINE to do with as I please - and if I donate them - it is MY privilege.

Or are they property - and should the government allow you to opt out of that one too? Use your brain people ,and stop pretending that you via Big Brother own my body until I say you don't.
People who have written in about this seem to think they are entitled to my organs. Should George Best have been givena new liver? As Stuart M suggests,there are reasons why an organ fails and it is to take someone out of the loop so their genes do not get passed on - they are not entitled to swipe someone's parts and then carry on their destruction of those parts. Neither are they in principle allowed to purloin what is mine.Mr Hammet thinks my organs are intestate if I do not make a will - so why do I have to make sure my organs go to my family or other person to stop the state from nicking them? The default state should be that the state is NOT allowed to nick them. If I give assent then so be it -but before that they are not entitled to my organs,neither should they get my material possessions by default.


Dear ed,

Would those people who think an opt-out organ donation system is fair,think it fair that the government should own and decide what to do with all their personal property like their car until they say otherwise? Do they think it right that a government should tell a pregnant woman whether she can carry a baby to full term or not? No? Why? Because everyone has a right to do with their own things as they wish - that is what a democracy protects. And if they own their own car - how much moreso do I own my own body? A criminal offence to leave people to die? - perhaps not in the case of the opt-outers - I'd sooner be rid of people who cannot see why I have liberty over my own body.

Dear ed,

Mr Hammet thinks my organs are intestate. He is using a law which justifies state stealing as an analogy to show how opt out is viable. The point is that being intestate and the state purloining your goods is just WHY opting IN is the only option. The state has no right to either my goods or my organs,by default,the fact that they nick my goods upon death doesn't make the principle correct,it merely indicates that they have already eroded my rights,and shows exactly why they should not be allowed to own my organs by default.

Dear ed,

May I remind C Simpson that this planet is suffering from overpopulation,and saving everyone who needs an organ only adds to the problem. In the case of George Best,and others who do not take care of what is given them,why should I allow the government to use my organs on habitual drinkers who have no desire to look after themselves or the planet? It is they who are selfish. What I do with my organs is my business,it is not the business of the government anymore than what happens to my property.

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