BEC Collapses Atomic Physics Websters A new flavour of Bose Einstein Condensate.
Is the fine structure constant changing? Cosmology Websters Britain and the USA have raised the possibility that the fine structure constant a might have changed slightly as the universe got older.
Is the speed of light changing? Cosmology Websters Every electron, and every proton, has the same unit charge, and in our time, but what would be the consequence of that value changing?
Newton's gravitational constant may not be constant Cosmology Websters Something that looks very like perpetual motion may be possible.
Time machines get a step closer Cosmology Websters Hendrik Casimir predicted the weak force between two plates in a vacuum which we now call the Casimir effect in 1948.
The Podkletnov machine misses out Antigravity Websters An unusual attempt by NASA to test an antigravity effect.
Antigravity and NASA Antigravity Websters An unusual attempt by NASA to test an antigravity effect.
UFOs are worth studying say scientists UFOlogy Websters A panel of scientists has concluded that some sightings are accompanied by physical evidence that deserves scientific study.
Why Johnny can't do science Sociology Websters According to Donald Hayes, American students in high school pay the price for years of dumbed-down schoolbooks.
Causality Principle Physics Websters A definition of the process.
Radiocarbon Dating Physics Websters A definition of the process.
Ether and Light Physics Websters A look at Light and Relativity and the Ether.
A new explanation for Sonoluminescence Physics Websters The process of getting light from sound.
Mc2=E Physics Websters Quantum Electrodynamics.
Quantum Leap Physics A Quantum Computer runs without running.
See-thru physics Physics Ben Gilliland How the discovery of the X-ray changed the world.
God Particle Found? Physics Ben Gilliland Rumours are flying about the Higgs Boson.
Closing in on the God particle Sub-Atomic Physics Ben Gilliland The Higgs Boson maybe found.
Captured:Lightest thing with a shadow Sub-Atomic Physics Joel Taylor First picture of an atom's umbra.
Meet the particle snipers Physics Ben Gilliland Particle accelerators that make disoveries in physics.
Hello Kitty! Physics Amanda Gefter Curiosity does not have to kill the quantum cat -just be careful how you open the box.
Minutest works big on beauty Physics Ross McDonagh The STM shows that even physics can be artistic.
When water burns Physics Ben Gilliland Has John Kanzius achieved the impossible?
Spintronics breaks the Silicon barrier Spintronics JR Minkel First breakthrough in applying spin-based electronics to silicon.
The Many Worlds of Hugh Everett Quantum Mechanics Peter Byrne After his now celebrated theory of multiple universes met scorn, Hugh Everett abandoned the world of academic physics. He turned to top-secret military research and led a tragic private life.
Was life forged in a quantum crucible? Cosmology Zeeya Merali The notion that quantum processes kick-started life may not be so far fetched after all.
I'm Sparticle! No,I'm Sparticle! Sub-Atomic Physics Ben Gilliland Neutralino, chargino, gravitino, slepton and squark. They are Just a few types of an exotic brand of particle predicted by supersymmetry called sparticles, that might be created when the world's most powerful particle accelerator is fired up later this year.
The Lord of the Rings Sub-Atomic Physics Ben Gilliland The LHC is about to be switched on.
A crash course in particle physics Sub-Atomic Physics Sharon Lougher The Science Museum tries to get people's heads round THE COLLIDER.
To all of man:the gift of time Cosmology Ben Gilliland Black holes and positronic drive and why we need and extra second.
The measure of man Mensuration Ben Gilliland How we define the SI units.
A black and beating heart Cosmology Ben Gilliland Black holes
A glimpse of the (almost) impossible? Cosmology Ben Gilliland Black holes
Meet the galaxy builder (or why black holes don't always suck) Cosmology Ben Gilliland Black holes
To all of man:the gift of time Cosmology Ben Gilliland Why we need an extra second.
Bang and the star is gone Cosmology Ben Gilliland Theory of star life and death.
The power of positron thinking Cosmology Ben Gilliland Positrons used in space engines.
Surfing the big bangbing bang Cosmology Ben Gilliland Wave goodbye to dark energy?
Light speed 'safe' as gamma rays prove Einstein right after all Cosmology Ben Gilliland Time delays due to energy levels could have proved Einstein wrong.
Harnessing the power of empty space Cosmology New Scientist The casimir effect and quantum physics suggest how something can come from nothing.
Quantum Weirdness (with less weirdness but the same great taste) Sub-Atomic Physics Ben Gilliland Heisenberg Uncertainy,EPR Paradox and non-locality.
Engage warp drive (and destroy everything) Sub-Atomic Physics Ben Gilliland Warp drive and string theory.
What's wrong with gravity? Sub-Atomic Physics Ben Gilliland With the Higgs boson 'found' the LHC has to tackle the next great problem.





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