What's wrong with Windows?

An ongoing list of grievances of the latest software

What is wrong with Windows?

  • Currently XP fails to load and becomes slower with use.

  • On it's 9th incarnation and still failing and sending bug reports.

  • SP3 downloads often contain errors depending on the source.

  • Egg timers and torches to find stuff that should show up in seconds can take ages or does not show at all.

  • Error reporting on a system that should not have any errors.

  • The START button was removed as it was also the STOP button!

  • Changing folder view to 'open in same window' doesn't work and creates a new window.

  • COOL EDIT runs for a minute and then stops recording.

  • There are latency problems with MIDI messages.

  • NETWORK DRV is not found even though it is there. (after update).

  • Attempts to make OS look like tiled tablet interfaces confused users.

  • I recently lost all my options to cut and paste on XP for no reason,and all network access.

  • This is what  happens when I use RESTORE and guess what happens when I restart and run again?

  • After a crash that used a backup registry file - I can no longer use MS Office after REPAIR,neither can I uninstall or re-install it - make sense? NO.

  • Failure of LUNA theme,suggests the file is missing when it exists. The MS fix for this does  not create a solution,nor does it explain why it happened..

  • Win8 is a total nightmare to use...why is 'hiding' a user friendly philosophy?

  • Windows cannot even perfform the simple act of shutting down without failure.

  • Task manager -the thing that gives you control in the event of a failure:

What is wrong with MSRT?

  • How about saying what the error actually is?

What is wrong with IE?

  • On it's 9th incarnation and still sending bug reports

  • Slowest and most bug prone browser even after 9 incarnations.

  • Habitually Flash plugins stall or scripts fail on IE7.

What is wrong withn.NET/Expression?

  • Expression install requires Net framework V4+
    V4+ is not the one MS downloads
    In order to update you need  Explorer V5+
    Everything is dependent on everything else

  • Attempts to remove the wrong version of NET are blocked - so it is impossible to move forward and impossible to move backward.Well Done MS another cockup.

  • Attempts to uninstall Express are met with this:

  • So I cannot update NET,cannot remove NET,cannot uninstall Express.Nice going MS - you could not have made it worse than not being able to do anything at all.

What is wrong with Movie Maker?

  • Worked ages on a movie that is 37 minutes long to get this,all 3 conditions were satisfied:

What is wrong with Apple?

  • IOS 6 Iphone causes Bluetooth not to work.

  • ITunes/Quicktime failed to update,no reason given. Attempted to update again,and failed again...in an infinite loop.

  • Update to Itunes 11 failed with the following errors:

  • After updating to 11 and having to go back to ver10 this version would no longer read the library created by 11! How shit is that? To add insult to injury,once the library is removed,ver10 runs but complains the Apple service is not running and yet it clearly IS! Absolutely pathetic.

  • After downloading ver10.6.3 from FILEHIPPO I then get 'Config is incorrect' - is it not possible Apple,to actually support your own products with files that work?

  • Download from OLDAPPS.com & File Horse gave 'Not a valid win32 application' with the 32 bit version.

  • A forum contributor suggested removing ALL Apple components before installing Ver11. Even the uninstall caused errors!

  • The old 10.6.3 is now stored here as a DMG file which is a disk image and can't be used by Windows!

  • When ver 11 finally starts,which takes ages,the new install takes ages to install itself.

  • Ver 11 installed after trying to get Itunes working over 2days! It occasiionally reports that it 'was not installed correctly and CDs cannot be burned' - well how else can I install it? I only have the Apple install file?!
  • Now I try and move an MP3 to the phone and drag and drop doesn't work - it did before the upgrade!
  • It also fails to move an Mp3 when when it is IN the library and it is asked to DO SO! Lame...so lame.

  • Even when Ver11 is installed,the above is the result - pretty poor going Apple how can you have an 'unknown error'?.

  • After a second installation I cannot drag and drop MP3s or get them to the phone after adding to library- this is seriously pathetic. The installation even said "1 seconds" plural when it is singular.

  • It is sluggish slow and using outdatede technology - USB uses drag and drop and it WORKS! No installation needed!

  • Attempt to remove Itunes 11 and put in Itunes 10.7 - the uninstall ran and left Itunes 11 in the config so 10.7 reported a bad config,I could not remove the unistall reference or run the uninstall....pathetic.

  • Of course re-installling DOES NOT fix the problem...christ are these programmers DUMB or what?

  • The 10.7 installation failed on another machine that had never seen Itunes before. God almighty what is wrong with Apple?

  • Attempt to install 10.6.3 resulted in more failures:

  • Attempted 10.6.3 again.The library is incompatible - so why was it not removed when I uninstalled? Goddamn dumbasses.

  • Guess what? Everything is ghosted and the phone is not recognised - pathetic.

  • Started Itunes again - the service is not running - had to manually start it,still the phone is not recognised - there is no DEVICES section and the SIDEBAR is ghosted!

What is wrong with Firefox?

  • Realplayer plugin download button fails to function.

What is wrong with Adobe

  • FLASH is shit.It is in everyone's products and fails habitually.

  • This failure would have cost me a good deal on an expensive synthesizer, had I been bidding on it. Thanks Adobe....you're programming is just great!

What is wrong with JAVA?

  • Script errors.

What is wrong with Real?

  • General slowness of operation.

  • Video downloader fails. Mp3 converter fails.Sometimes takes10 attempts to get an Mp3.

What is wrong with Yahoo?

  • Latest Email system stalls due to Adobe Flash.and script errors.

Yahoo's idea of a compose screen - a duplicate tools section with no writing area.

Now it decides the whole screen is going to ghost,and prompts with the correct lookup of email address but won't let you select it to use!

  • Draconian TOS policies that attempt to keep everyone SAFE,and yet end up mollycoddling users.Politically correct moral subjectivity.

What is wrong with Google?

  • Overly complex

  • Too invasive

  • Script failures syndicated by Google (JAVA errors)

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